Monday, November 8, 2010

Blog Interrupted

I can't believe it's been almost a year since my last blog post. What happened??

Apathy (also called impassivity or perfunctoriness) is a state of indifference, or the suppression of emotions such as concern, excitement, motivation and passion.

That's it!

I've been apathetic about this blog and that's why I just stopped, BAM, stopped. I truly want to change the world, shout from the rooftops, jump up and down. Oh, and did I mention, HAVE SOMEONE LISTEN!!! Ya know, take notice, join in, spread the word, do the dance, walk the walk. More than that I wanted it to be ME (MOI) that inspired them. Wow, news broadcast, just in.... Selfish Blogger wants Kudos (Kudos - Acclaim or praise for exceptional achievement. From Greek, meaning "glory" or "renown".) I guess I'm writing this as a statement of my own ephiphany.

I'd like to revive this humble little blog and hopefully express my passion for the importance of changing the way we all look at food and where it comes from. It doesn't just show up all tidy and neat on the supermarket shelves without consequence.

You know what, I'm learning as I go, and I screw up, and I eat BAAADDD things sometimes but I really, really do want to make thoughtful choices. So, to kick off this glorious beatiful Fall season and resume my general OUTRAGE at the commercial food industry, I'd love to share this great little video I came across on Grist..

Scoot on over to Grist for more great stories to get you juices going...or not...hmmmm
BPA is bad for your semen, and other news about our favorite endocrine disruptor

In case you forgot BPA is that horrendous stuff in canned foods, see Lisa's post here to refresh your memory.

I've missed a lot during my apathetic leave of absence and hope to hear from anyone who stumbles across this blog. PLLLLEEEASE use the little comments button at the bottom of each post. Please don't let me slip into the abyss of bad choices. Tell us what you think or, just say Hi! In fact, please say HI!

Go forth and eat healthy and while you're at it enjoy this little song by Best Coast also found on Grist..



Anonymous said...

glad you're back!

andrealynn said...

Love your cause. Please keep posting! I came to chewsyourfood from your fab window treatments blog. Great pics! I can relate to your long blog break. To date, I average about a post and a half per year :(

Chews Your Food! said...

Hi Andrea and thanks! It's been a tough year. I've been caring for my 91 year old mother and have had to make the tough decision, jsut this week, to put her into a nursing home due to dementia. What a year.... I need to eat well more than ever! thanks so much for your comment :)