Sunday, January 26, 2014


This beautiful little lady is one of a…hmmm, what's the proper term for a bunch of chickens? Gaggle? No, that's geese…oh well, I'm sticking with "bunch." 

Anyway, this lovely hen and her girlfriends run free all day long, cooing and scratching with glee, at Sandbrook Meadow Farm in Sergeantsville, NJ. Best of all, they present us with deliciously healthy eggs.

Here's some egg-citing (sorry!) information that I hope eggs you on (sorry again!) in choosing the best quality eggs, courtesy of Twin Springs Farm, Asbury, NJ.

Did you know that washing eggs removes their protective cuticle, allowing bacteria and air in and thus requiring refrigeration? Unwashed, farm fresh eggs do not require refrigeration. How cool is that???

What does it mean if the egg white is cloudy? It means it's fresh! The white, or albumen of a very fresh egg contains dissolved carbon dioxide, which gives it a cloudy appearance. Some eggs have more; some less. As the egg ages, the carbon dioxide escapes and the white becomes more transparent. 

Chickens allowed to roam free produce eggs with rich, orange yolks. They're not only healthier, but taste better, too. (Most amazing is that my husband can taste the difference between free-range and conventional eggs). Best of all, when whipping up my Sunday morning omelet or frittata, I take comfort in  knowing that my eggs came from happy and healthy chickens. 

Can you hear the strains of "Born Free" yet?

Uh-oh, here I go dating myself again!

Happy eating,


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