Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Think Before you Pink!

Well, here we are approaching October and the breast cancer marketing machine is in full gear with tv campaigns, billboards, and food label proclamations! You may be surprised to learn that many products brought to you by companies promoting pink ribbon campaigns actually CONTAIN CARCINOGENS!!! All types of companies; food, cosmetics, hair cair, etc.

Check out Think Before You Pink brought to you by the Breast Cancer Action network.


Cosmetics: Philanthropy or Hipocrasy?
In 2003, BCA coined the term “pinkwasher,” referring to companies that promote pink ribbon products while the products themselves contribute to the disease. Furthering our work challenging Avon, we focused on cosmetics companies that raise money in the name of breast cancer, but manufacture body care products with known carcinogens or reproductive toxins. We took out a ¾ page ad in the New York Times. more.....

Read here about BCA Success stories.

go to the Breast Cancer Action site to sign up for their newsletter (Lots of good info here!)

Read about how Eli Lilly is Milking Cancer.....(Go to BCA and sign easy on-line letter to Eli Lilly)

There's something deeply disturbing about a company that manufactures products that cause cancer as well as drugs to treat cancer.

That's the problem with pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly, the sole producer of rBGH, the hormone linked to cancer. Earlier this year General Mills stopped using rBGH, a huge victory thanks to activists like you.

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness month visit Think before you Pink and the Breast Cancer Action Site. Be informed! Cancer is big Business!

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Lisa said...

Great post MaryAnn. Stuff like this is so pervasive here in the U.S. Such hypocracy and just more greed for the almighty dollar under a cloak of altruism. Makes me so mad!

Again, it comes down to this: we must think very carefully about what we buy and support only companies with a conscience.