Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Follow the yellow brick road!

Let's start by saying WAKE UP! Yes you do want to know what's in your food! STOP SAYING you don't want to know, or that we worry too much. Knowledge is power and your choices in the checkout line drive the market.

When we started buying organic foods over fifteen years ago it was no small feat. You had to drive a hundred miles to find a whole foods market and then pick up the other bits and pieces needed from health food stores and small organic farmers. Wow have times changed!

The market has responded full-force and now the corporate giants of food-Dom have joined the fun. There it is, history has shown that the choices made by people just like us have helped drive healthy foods into the mainstream.

Now what? Well, it's not a perfect system and things are not as they may appear. In some cases it's just the same old stuff, different name. So again, we need to make those choices an ongoing part of our lives and demand the pure, healthy food we want.

We need to hold their feet to the fire with our mighty dollars and tell them no hidden ingredients, no fillers, .......... and no more nasty things in our food!!!

So, Please Join us! WAKE UP, Rise UP, Read UP and make good choices in the checkout line.
We'll figure it out together.......

Your children, your body, and the planet will thank you someday!

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