Thursday, June 25, 2009


Farview Farm is on Stanton Road (County Road 629) in Flemington, just down the road from the Stanton market. Stop by their stand for your fresh, free-range eggs (or get them at the Stanton Market) and seasonal produce. They also sell angus beef (as quarters, sides, or'll never ask "where's the beef" again), pork, lamb, and chicken. "We farm using only natural and organic methods. All of our animals are antibiotic and hormone-free, and pasture raised using traditional grazing." Everything is to order---sign up now to get your frozen chickens (I did) and you'll get them in the fall.

I think these are turnips......???

Here's Elyse displaying her delicious ice cream!
I bought and devoured the caramel chocolate nut...(like a Snickers bar, but no Snickers in sight, of course) and WAY better. She also sells delicious coffee, by the way......

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Chews Your Food! said...

Hi Lisa,
I got my garlic tops (scape) and made the pesto. It was so fresh and delicious with the fresh crusty bread I bought. recipe = 1 bunch of scape, olive oil, fresh grated parmigiana grind up ingreds in food processor and spread on bread or put on fish, chicken or whatever....yum