Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Fix.....

Hey Lisa,
Your scoop on turkeys is just plain sci-fi disturbing. Sometimes it all seems so overwhelming! Who is the boob that came up with the uber growth concept of the uni-boob turkey??? Ya know, now that I think of it, turkey used to taste so much better.

So, really, what we have now is QUANTITY vs. quality. We have giant feast size turkeys that need to be brined and soaked and deep fried to have any flavor. In addition, the QUANTITY, I mean size, of the average american has grown along with the boob size of our turkeys!!!! It's an outrage!

For my part I'm going to seek out organic, humane, more natural turkeys for any future feasts. Do we really need to stuff ourselves this way? Who wants all of that leftover turkey anyway. There is something grotesque about the way we've been brainwashed into a "more is better" bunch of boobs. Rushing through fast food lines, missing the little things?

Can we eat and live in a more thoughtful way?

Let's make one change this week, how about a "Friday Fix". It doesn't have to be a big deal. Try something new in the supermarket, or better yet, visit a farmers market this weekend! Make a commitment to look for non-gmo healthy alternatives for your family. Break the cycle and vote in the check-out line!, from the freakish frankenfoods that are sneaking onto our tables!

Here's Hugh kickin' back with his pet heirloom turkey.
Really......the man can do no wrong!

Have a great Friday Fix!


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