Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yee HA!

Now that we've got your attention! and....

Just so you don't think this is a militant, purist, vegan blog we'll start our food adventure with our visit to the Readington River Buffalo Company in Readington, NJ. We found ourselves winding our way down a long, bumpy, dusty driveway to the Buffalo Store with some trepidation. Would there be a mini natural foods market all shiny and bright with blinking lights? A cooler in the shade? Ooh, perhaps....A young hunkish farm hand? Hugh Jackman? Who knows?

What we found was a simple white building with a charming older gent and freezers full of buffalo. Lisa and I both grabbed some buffalo burgers and flank steak. I've already tried the burgers and they were delish!

I've always had a problem with buying meats from companies that use factory farm methods where animals are mistreated and not fed naturally. (I've been a vegetarian on and off but always seem to fall of the wagon so I'm not one to preach about vegetarianism and the issue of eating animal products.)

But, if you are going to eat animal products, it seems wise and logical to know where they come from, what they eat, and the conditions they live in. You know what they say "Garbage In, Garbage out".

Buffalo at the Readington River farm graze in the beautiful green pastures of Hunterdon County.

"Our bison are grass fed until they are ready for harvest, and at that time they are fattened with grain. To ensure that we have only the finest and pure grain feed, we grind it ourselves. We use corn, wheat, barley, molasses, and minerals in our feed."

Sounds good to me! Buffalo is also low in fat!

Here's the USDA Comparison:
Comparison Guidelines form the USDA handbook

(Per 100 gram portion, 8-5:8-10; 8-13; 8-17)
Bison Fat (grams): 2.42 Calories (kcal): 143 Cholesterol: 82
Beef Fat (grams): 9.28 Calories (kcal): 211 Cholesterol: 86
Pork Fat (grams) 9.66 Calories (kcal) 212 Cholesterol 86
Chicken Fat (grams) 7.41 Calories (kcal) 190 Cholesterol 89

Now I won't lie to you, Buffalo is a bit more money than the mass produced beef you buy in the supermarket. However, I think there's a world of difference in the quality because I know where it comes from, what it eats, and that it's lower in fat!

Check it out Readington River Buffalo Company
Happy Shopping!

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