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Just say NO to GMO !

So what the heck is a GMO?

Excerpt from the Institute of Responsible Technology

The Basics:

What's a GMO?

A GMO (genetically modified organism) is the result of a laboratory process of taking genes from one species and inserting them into another in an attempt to obtain a desired trait or characteristic, hence they are also known as transgenic organisms. This process may be called either Genetic Engineering (GE) or Genetic Modification (GM); they are one and the same.

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So, now we know what it is......... FRANKENFOOD! But, should we care?

Surely these products are safe?

The creators of such sophisticated potentially altering scientific products wouldn’t endanger the food supply of the ENTIRE PLANET EARTH? would they?

You'd think there would be thorough testing before products go to market???? Think again....

More from “The Institute of Responsible Technology…….

Q. Didn’t the scientists at the FDA study GM foods themselves?

No. The FDA relies solely on information supplied by the biotech companies.

Q. What kind of information did the companies provide?

Calgene, the makers of the first GM crop, the FlavrSavr tomato, was the only company to submit detailed raw data from animal feeding studies to the FDA. The rest provide only summaries and conclusions. Industry research can be rigged; data often is omitted or distorted.

In the FlavrSavr tests, lab rats refused to eat the tomatoes and had to be force-fed. Several developed stomach lesions, and seven of forty died within two weeks. Still, the tomato was approved, but has since been taken off the market.

Q. Based on the information that was supplied, did the FDA scientist have concerns?

Agency scientists did warn that GM foods might create toxins, allergies, nutritional problems, and new diseases that might be difficult to identify. Internal FDA memos reveal that the scientists urged their superiors to require long-term safety testing to catch these hard-to-detect side effects.

Read more (here) about the dangers of GMO's and study results regarding disease. Gems like this are comforting! 55.6% Mortality in Rats Whose Mothers Were Fed GM Soy. Ya know, even if you fall back on the ever-popular notion that all studies can be skewed, this flys in the face of COMMON SENSE!

Q. What did the FDA do about these concerns?

Nothing was done that would protect consumers. In fact, in the case of genetically modified bovine growth

hormone, some FDA scientists who expressed concerns were harassed, stripped of responsibilities, or fired. The remaining whistleblowers had to write an anonymous letter to Congress complaining of fraud and conflict of interest at the agency

Q. How could the government approve dangerous foods?

A close examination reveals that industry manipulation and political collusion – not sound science – was the driving force.

The FDA official in charge ignored all warnings of the FDA staff scientists. The official, a former outside attorney for Monsanto, was a political appointee specifically to a new FDA post on GM policy, and left shortly after to become vice president at Monsanto.

Q. Why aren’t foods with GMOs at least labeled here?

The same political influence and money that got them past the FDA has prevented any labeling laws from being passed. However, President Obama had indicated support for labeling laws during his campaign.

Q. So do the biotech companies always get everything they want?

No. The biotech companies have fallen far short of their goals due to consumer resistance. The GM potatoes and tomatoes were taken off the market, and other GM crops, although approved, were never commercialized.

Concerned consumers in Europe were able to get major companies to commit to eliminate GMOs within one week. This was done with only a small percentage of the overall population. Businesses do not want to lose even a portion of their customer base. Everyone can vote with his or her pocketbook!

SO WHY DON'T WE CARE!!! Are we all that complacent, stupid, and drawn to anything shiny and bright!!!!! Does fancy packaging fool us! Stop saying "I don't want to know"

In 1998 the industry tried to get the USDA to let GM products pass as organic. During the public comment period, the Department received over 275,000 irate letters of protest from citizens, a public response unprecedented in the USDA's history. Thanks to this public protest, GM products cannot be labeled organic in the USA.

This stinks on so many levels! As usual we can follow the money trail back to ties between big agri-business and the pesticide giants. What’s really scary is that these GMO plants are taken in the wind to pollinate wherever they wind up. We could lose all of our pure non-GMO plants if we keep this up!

Gosh, it all seems like common sense to me. Stop messing with Mother Nature and maybe we’ll all be healthier and not completely destroy the planet.

So, for me, for now, I’m going to print out this handy NON-GMO shopping guide. Better yet, maybe I’ll just jot down the items and save a few trees. I’m happy to see many of my favorite brands on the list. We all tend to buy the same things over and over so the extra work to compile your list shouldn’t be too much of an inconvenience.

It occurs to me that I should be doing something!!! At the very least buying a T-shirt or something to raise public awareness. Make sure you subscribe to the organic consumers association newsletter and click on their take action tab to make your voices heard. Sign the petitions, it's easy!!!

Other good sites:

Organic Consumers Association "We are the only organization in the US focused exclusively on promoting the views and interests of the nation's estimated 50 million organic and socially responsible consumers."

Network of Concerned Farmers (Aussie network of farmers. Good reading here)

Seeds of Deception (Read article here about Jeffrey M. Smith and all the research he's doing on GMO's) (Lots of great links on his site Seeds of Deception! Do your own research and take action!)

Now go grab your re-usable shopping bags and stock up on healthy Non-GMO yummies!

Happy Shopping!

Mary Ann

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